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Remote water system monitoring
Monitor Water. Save Money.
Solutions for property managers and water companies
Water Cents technology integrates with existing water meters to provide automated, accurate, real-time meter readings. The system is ideal for property managers who need to stay on top of their building's water consumption and for water companies who need to collect meter readings on behalf of their customers.

  Install   Monitor   Save  
  • Water Cents device
  • Internet-enabled
  • Plug and play
  • Existing water fixtures
    1. Cooling towers
    2. Main meters
    3. Sub-meters
    4. More!
  • Real-time meter readings
  • Charts
  • Integrated weather data
  • Usage alerts
  • Trend analysis
  • Fix problems faster
  • Combat rising prices
  • Understand usage
  • Timely leak detection
  • Identify savings